Ceramics - Fashion and Tailoring -Arts & Crafts - Culinary Arts - Horti & Fruti Culture Graphics & Visual Arts - Animal Husbandry - Kitchen Gardening - Jewellery Making Crystal Cutting & Glass Blowing - and more!

these schools have a mission to help socially disadvantaged youths and adults become productive and responsible members of their local community.

each school will embody a commercial enterprise to sell the produce to local and international markets, helping guarantee sustainable operations.

to achieve this goal, products will be designed, manufactured and marketed to the highest standards, building on the rich history of brazilian indigenous arts and crafts, and those of African descent.

a few years ago i developed the desire to help socially disadvantaged people on the island of itaparica. where it came from, i don’t know to this day!

the project incorporates education at all levels -from kindergarten to vocational training. reading up on successful similar projects in different countries and borrowing from my experience in advertising, i wrote an overall concept and strategy, plus a number of detailed proposals for key areas.

‘what is the status’, you may well ask. well, after pursuing for some six years what i believed to be my destiny for ‘latter life’, i was not able to attract one single investor of note. there were many who pledged help -from renowned institutions to renowned educators -in brazil and abroad. nothing and no one materialised, and i had no ‘fuck you money’ to go it alone. karma? who knows.

maybe i should have just started with a couple of kids in my studio and have been satisfied with that. anyway, all the work is there just waiting for someone to adopt, tweak if need be, and fly with.

otherwise the bound and illustrated proposals created with dedication will just gather dust and finally be trashed by my kids when i finally up-grade to cosmic dust.

take a look at this sample to see if anything grabs you enough to jump a plane and take over where i left off!


detailed plans for these projects are available

project 1.



project 2.

This initiative was born of a heartfelt awareness that the individual agendas of the majority of the world’s corporate and government leaders form an overwhelming driving force towards an unsustainable future -socially, environmentally and commercially.

as long as the wellbeing of our planet is largely dependent upon the inability of its leaders to make decisions that will effectively, and in good time, combat the forces of self-degradation, there is little hope for fundamental change.

the idea for a centre of learning for leaders is not new. What is new, is shifting the focus towards helping empower a new breed of leader, with a highly developed sense of self and dedication for service to the needs of others.

furthermore, this centre will be integrated into a larger project where people from many professions and levels of society interact with one common goal to learn to be better people for themselves and their fellow men, to learn to be better at what they do, and combine their talents to co-create a more just and sustainable world.

sketches for the school’s main building

design for the whole complex of schools arranged symbolically from a school for young parents & creche on the left, to vocational schools on the right.

buildings will mirror a ‘global village’ with architecture from different lands.

the school for ‘new leadership & dialogue’ will be in the centre.


project 3.

Planned as a spin-off from the schools for vocational training this project aims to generate income for socially disadvantaged families by creating privately owned and ngo/government run farms to cultivate organic  foodstuffs and curative plants for products for personal care and wellbeing.

In extension, it is envisaged that this initiative will develop and market own brand products.

In tune with the concept of co-creation, partnerships will be sought with individuals, institutions and companies who have the knowledge and expertise to successfully meet the objectives set.